Drone photography and videography footage will take your film or corporate video to the next level. You only need to watch any recent wildlife programme, the latest blockbuster, or your favourite sporting event (even snooker now use a type of drone) to see that more and more of the footage is shot by drones. They give a never before seen prospective and add so much to production values.

They do however need to piloted correctly. A good drone operator will be able to show a knowledge of assessing risk in any situation. It is one thing having the permissions to fly commercially but it is entirely another to ensure all the safety of those being filmed and also all those in the local area. A good drone pilot will also have a showreel of footage they have filmed, showing slow cinematic moves in all axis’s.

At BRS Films we pride ourselves in being photographers and film makers who own and pilot drones and not drone pilots who can film. This means that we are able to frame the subject perfectly, knowing the distance required to composite the shot correctly and move the drone in a way that will tell the story you want to tell.